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X11 PoW/PoS Coin

Base Price
Price: ฿ 0.15
Basic Information
Coin Name*
The name of your coin (i.e. BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin)
Coin Abbreviation*
Typically 3 or 4 letters (i.e. BTC, LTC, DOGE). 5 is also acceptable, but 6 would be pushing it.
Coin Logo
Do you have a logo for your coin?
Upload your Coin Logo*
256×256 minimum. 2MB max file size.
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, bmp.
h2>Basic Parameters

Coin Type* : PoW/PoS Hybrid

Hashing Algorithm* : X11

Difficulty Retargetting Algorithm* : Simple

Time Between Blocks (in seconds)* : 180

PoW Parameters
Block Reward Type

  • Simple (recommended)
  • Advanced +฿ 0.08

Block Reward*

How many coins are awarded for finding a block : 100

Block Reward Halving Rate*

The block reward will cut in half every X blocks. : 500,000

Premine?* : No

Total Coins

This is dynamically calculated based on the figures you provided above : 100,000,000

Additional Information
Based on all your choices above, here are some key bits of information about your coin:

  • Show Additional Information

Additional Features
The testnet is an alternative block chain, to be used for testing. For more info read this.
Maximum Block Size
Maximum block size allowed by the network. If you do not know what this is, leave it at 1 MB.
Included Features (FREE!)

  • Windows Wallet
  • Source Code
  • Decentralized Peer Matching
  • Unique Genesis Block
  • Unique Merkel Root
  • Unique Magic Number
  • UPnP Support
  • IPv6 Support

Optional Extras

  • Linux (Ubuntu) Wallet +฿ 0.08
  • Mac (OS X) Wallet +฿ 0.11
  • Paper Wallet Generator +฿ 0.15
  • Node Hosting (6 Months) +฿ 0.06
  • Block Explorer Lite (Requires Purchasing Node Hosting) +฿ 0.03
  • Android Wallet +฿ 1.50
  • Electrum Wallet +฿ 2.00

More Optional Extras
These will require a VPS, provided by you, to run on. Average hosting cost for a suitable server is $5-10 (USD) per month. We will contact you after the order is placed to work out the details.

  • Mining Pool +฿ 0.32
  • Premium Block Explorer +฿ 0.32
  • Faucet +฿ 0.45

More Optional Extras

  • Web Wallet +฿ 1.00

Rush Processing
We will prioritize your order and attempt to have it completed within 48 hours. If order time exceeds 48 hours, this fee will be refunded to you. Certain exceptions apply, click to learn more.